Your Tour Your Way

Bespoke tours start from as little as £60 per person

From the moment you contact us with your request, this tour is all about you or your group. We will design a tour with your reason for visiting Scotland at its heart. Whether you have a certain location you must visit, family ties to a certain area of Scotland or just want us to plan the most beautiful route we can think of to show off these magical lands, we have the expertise, and knowledge to help you design the perfect trip.

At Little Scottish Treasures Bespoke Tours we work hard to ensure each journey is as unique as it is unforgettable. . Contact us with your requirements and we will design a tour with no obligation for you to accept, we will discuss the tour with you and make any changes required to make it your dream route.

Bespoke Tours are available for parties of 1-6 people and are ideal for those who have specific locations in mind, have mobility issues, want a very personalised experience or would rather travel and enjoy locations in their own way, away from other tourists and time limits.